2/14/2015Daytona Int'l SpeedwayARCA Racing Series10th
3/14/2015Mobile Int'l SpeedwayARCA Racing Series23rd - Accident
4/26/2015Salem SpeedwayARCA Racing Series20th - Electrical
5/1/2015Talladega SuperspeedwayARCA Racing Series29th - Accident
5/9/2015Salem SpeedwayG.A.R.S. Street Stock1st
6/6/2015Pocono RacewayARCA Racing Series4th
6/12/2015Michigan Int'l SpeedwayARCA Racing Series16th - Broken Axle
6/20/2015Chicagoland SpeedwayARCA Racing Series3rd
7/4/2015Salem SpeedwayFirecracker 200 - Street Stock3rd
7/11/2015Kentucky SpeedwayNASCAR Sprint Cup Series38th
8/1/2015Pocono RacewayARCA Racing Series17th - Cut Tire
8/8/2015Berlin RacewayARCA Racing Series11th
8/23/2015Illinois State FairgroundsARCA Racing Series23rd - Wheel/Accident
9/7/2015DuQuoin State FairgroundsARCA Racing Series14th
9/19/2015Salem SpeedwayARCA Racing Series3rd
9/26/2015Kentucky SpeedwayARCA Racing Series22nd - Rear End
10/4/2015Memphis Int'l RacewayG.A.R.S. Street Stock11th - Mechanical
10/16/2015Kansas SpeedwayARCA Racing Series11th - Engine
10/18/2015Kansas SpeedwayNASCAR Sprint Cup Series39th

2016 Schedule/Results

2017 Schedule/Results

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4/30/2017Salem SpeedwayARCA Racing Series18th - Motor Issue
5/5/2017Talladega SuperspeedwayARCA Racing Series 
2/13/2016Daytona Int'l SpeedwayARCA Racing Series18th
4/29/2016Talladega SuperspeedwayARCA Racing Series5th
5/28/2016NJ Motorsports ParkARCA Racing Series16th - Broken Axle
6/3/2016Pocono RacewayARCA Racing Series29th - Tire Issue
6/19/2016Madison Int'l SpeedwayARCA Racing Series10th
6/26/2016Winchester SpeedwayARCA Racing Series8th
7/29/2016Pocono RacewayARCA Racing Series10th
8/21/2016Illinois State FairgroundsARCA Racing Series19th - Engine
9/4/2016DuQuoin State FairgroundsARCA Racing Series10th
9/10/2016Salem SpeedwayARCA Racing Series18th - Engine

2018 Schedule/Results

2015 Schedule/Results

ARCA Racing Series

4/22/18 - Salem Speedway (ARCA) 2:15pm  - MavTV

Started 15th   Finished 12th

6/22/18 - Gateway Motorsports Park (ARCA) 9pm - FS2

Started 16th   Finished 13th

6/28/18 - Chicagoland Speedway (ARCA) 8pm - FS1

​Started 12th  Finished 15th​​

​9/3/18 - DuQuoin State Fairgrounds (ARCA) 4pm - MavTV

9/15/18 - Salem Speedway (ARCA) 7:15pm - MavTV

​10/19/18 - Kansas Speedway (ARCA) 8:30pm - FS2

*more races to be posted as scheduled.